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United States
I do YouTube Let's Plays, and sometimes draw~


Fallout 3 Thumbnail by UOfan
Fallout 3 Thumbnail
I've been doing a let's play on Fallout 3, but I haven't really been posting my thumbnails to DA. Thought I'd go ahead and do that.

This one I just chose the best looking one, rather than the first episode's thumbnail.

In this episode however, I am at the Museum of Technology, and The Mall. It is incredibly deadly and painful:

I'll also leave a link to the playlist if you would like to watch the whole series, it is still in progress at the time of this posting:…

Pyro and Zipi Play DayZ Thumbnail by UOfan
Pyro and Zipi Play DayZ Thumbnail
Just a generic thumbnail for whenever the Zip-Zip and I wanna do some DayZ!

If you wanna see the video, you can just click on this little Linky-doo below!
Aperture Tag Thumbnail by UOfan
Aperture Tag Thumbnail
I just realized I haven't put up any thumbnails for my YouTube in a while.

This is Aperture Tag, and although I have trouble remembering the full name, it is extremely fun and innovative.

You play as another test subject in the Portal 2 Universe, only instead of a Portal gun, you are armed with a "Paint gun." This paint gun basically lets you spread the gravity and speed gel on surfaces that you then use to complete puzzles. There are quite a few tricky ones, but after a while you learn how to use it and you'll start painting like a pro. I am a bit surprised that they didn't have the white gel used at all, I feel like that would've made for some interesting new puzzles. Overall the game is solid and doesn't overstay it's welcome, and it has provided Steam Workshoppers with more ideas for puzzles.

If you'd like to see the let's play, simply click the linky-doo below:…

Enjoy! :)
I think I'm gonna start updating this journal when I start up a new LP.

Anyways, as the title says, I started a new Let's Play on Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 2. It's pretty amazing so far, and I can't wait for the later episodes to come out.

I also fixed my mic, so there's less work that needs to go into editing, meaning I can produce more videos in less time!:iconfoxyayzplz: 

I've currently got a backlog of six videos, so there should be a steady stream of videos. Expect videos later this week, including today!

Season 1 Link:…

Season 2 Link:…

I'm keeping track of time better with Season 2 than I did with Season 1, so most of the videos will be around 25-30 minutes.
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